Marystown Port Authority & Services

The aim of the Marystown Port Authority is to seek diversified investments in the Mortier Bay Industrial Park that make sound economic sense for new opportunity and growth and to enhance the Port of Mortier Bay’s competitive position by building the most modern and efficient Marine Industrial Park, Service Centre and Docking Facility in Eastern Canada. as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex.

The core tasks of the Port Authority are to develop, manage and run the port in a sustainable way and to maintain a speedy and safe service for shipping. To this end we will be actively providing and developing the following services:

    • Certification:
      The Marystown Port Authority (MPA) will work towards becoming certified compliant, as a Port Administrator, in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, which is a requirement of the International Maritime Organization.
    • Security Improvements:
      As part of securing the Marystown Port Authority in compliance with the ISPS code and Transport Canada regulations, beginning in March 2012, the MPA will be commencing construction on port security enhancement projects. Some of the the enhancement projects include: security fencing around all port properties, video surveiliance port wide, intrusion detection, alarms, and port security building.
    • Anchorage:
      Long and short term sheltered anchorage is available at 1.6 kilometres from the fleet dock.
    • Pilotage:
      Pilotage is not compulsory, but if pilotage services are required, The MPA will work towards providing these services.
    • Radio Frequency:
      MPA will develop the VHF channels.
    • Private Wharves:
      MPA will begin the construction of a wharf 300m (1000ft) long.
    • Upland Storage:
      There are over 5.7 hectares available, with approximately 18 lots located in close proximity to dockside.
    • Cranes:
      There will be lift crane pad developed on the wharf with a potential capacity of 200 tonne mobile crane at minimum radius.
    • Provisions:
      Supplies are available locally in the Town of Marystown.
    • Bunkers:
      Fuel is available from a variety of providers by tanker truck.
    • Fresh Water:
      Fresh water is available at all berths.
    • Ship Repairs:
      Local contractors can perform minor ship repairs. Major repairs may be undertaken by Kiewit Offshore Services in Marystown.
    • Medical Facilities:
      The Burin Peninsula Health Care Facility is located at 10 Kilometres from Marystown.
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