Fast Facts

Port of Mortier Bay

  • Deep water, ice-free harbour
  • Excellent berthage potential
  • 30m (90 ft.) depth near shore
  • Dredge-free harbour


Mortier Bay Industrial Park

  • Well suited to support heavy industrial and commercial development
  • Marystown and surrounding area have a skilled and available workforce
  • Strong history of supporting heavy industrial industries
  • Area providing the lowest cost of doing business in North America for wages, land and overhead.


Supply Chain Opportunities

  • $2.8 billion Valley Inco Mining Development
  • $8.3 billion Hebron Oil and Gas Development
  • 19 trillion cubic ft. of future Gas Developments
  • $5.7 billion Gross value of mineral shipments


Strategic Location

  • 65km/40m from Great Circle Route
  • Some of the shortest routes between
  • Europe and North America
  • Proximity to Major Industrial Projects
  • 11.3km/7m from Airport


Marystown – Manufacturing Growth:

  • 18 flexible lots (20 acre) industrial park
  • Industrial common user wharf and laydown area (development phase)
  • Water, sewer, electrical service and easy access to port facilities
  • Excellent transportation logistics
  • Ideal location for commercial, light, and heavy industrial


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