Strategic Location

Marystown offers a well sheltered, ice-free, deep water harbour. Protection from open seas, access to industrial mega-projects and proximity to trade routes make it an area to target for the growth of transshipment, industrial and marine-related companies.

PORT – The port provides deep water throughout the harbour, ample channel, sheltered coves, near shore deep water depths and is ice-free year round.

PROJECTS – Marystown provides access to the $8.3 billion Hebron offshore development, $3.0 billion Vale Inco mining development and a number of other mega-projects.

TRADE ROUTES – The port is in close proximity to major trade routes to Europe, North America and the Caribbean for bulk, breakbuilk, general and project cargo.

Major market shipping time in days:

  • Rotterdam: 5
  • Mumbai: 15
  • Singapore: 19
  • Ho Chi Minh City: 20

Port of Mortier Bay is located:

  • 65km/40m from Great Circle Route
  • 11.3km/7m from Airport
  • Located on Route 220 Highway

One of the closest Ports to Major Oil and Gas Projects (Approx. 450kms/280m):

  • Hebron (400-700 million barrels of oil)
  • Terra Nova (420 million barrels of oil)
  • White Rose (283 million barrels of oil)
  • Hibernia (1,244 million barrels of oil)

Proximity to construct a $3 billion hydrometallurgical facility

  • 120km/75m via barge
  • 215km/130m via road


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